The Story of Gather

When we sat around a table discussing ideas, we all agreed that there are more than enough competitive events on the outdoor calendar. We wanted to create something different; a festival style ‘gathering’ that was community-led and unpretentious; a place where everyone feels welcome and meaningful connections are made.

We set set about organising our human sized ‘gathering’ (ticket sales are limited to 100), a place where like minded people can hang out together in a non-competitive environment, eating and drinking locally sourced produce, with a programme of activities that allows them to do as much or as little as they please. We want everyone to feel at home.

Aside from great cycling, trail running and hiking, we have also designed Gather as a ‘leave no trace’ event with our workshops, campfire chats and film screenings designed to highlight key messages from our carefully chosen partners and friends of the event.

Meet, Mix, Learn and Share

This is Gather.