What is Gather?

  • The event brings together our community to celebrate and embrace responsible and sustainable experience, adventure and escape with four days of great food, drink, conversation and cycling in the Ariege, Pyrenenes

What kit do I need to bring?

  • We are striving to make Gather a leave no trace event and to help make that happen we ask you to bring your own utensils for eating and drinking – a plate, cutlery and mug or bidon
  • For sleep and shelter we recommend a tent / bivvy / hammock and tarp.
  • Even in June, the weather here can change quickly so expect the unexpected and come prepared. Pack a rain jacket and some warm clothes just in case.
  • Bring at least two water bottles and chuck in some sunscreen
  • We always advise you wear as much protection as you deem necessary. Always wear your helmet when riding your bike and make sure it is correctly attached as recommended by the manufacturer. Plus riding glasses/goggles, protect your eyes!!

What bike is suitable for the event?

  • The rides are designed to showcase our region’s incredibly diverse terrain and there will be a mix of tarmac, tracks and trails. You can ride any type of pedal driven bicycle although to get the most from the rides, we recommend a cyclocross/gravel bike or VTT bike. Be prepared with at least two extra inner tubes, a multi-tool and mini-pump.

How long are the rides?

  • The Gather rides are classed as ‘short’ and ‘long’. The short route will be a maximum of 3 hours (including stops) and expect the long route to be closer to 5 (including stops)  

What facilities are on site?

  • Cafe Zero Neuf serving hot and cold drinks
  • Toilets
  • Mechanic
  • Food Trucks (evenings only)
  • Fresh Water

Can I use camping stoves?

  • Camping stoves are allowed on site but the building of open fires is strictly prohibited